Corruption Perception Index: Nigeria Worst Statistics

Nigeria has seen a drop in the Corruption Perception Index from 136 in 2015 to 149 in 2020. The statistics of corruption in the country has raised rapidly.

Lack of transparency in the government, the misuse of funds, the funding of minister’s fancy lives, nepotism and censorship of the media are popular corruption tactics in Nigeria, and as of 2019, police bribery took a huge hike. Many political figures use bribes to get their opponents arrested on baseless accusations, they also have to bride out their conspires.


Since the #EndSARS movement, the police abuse of power has taken a peak, and for regular people to make it out of jail, bribe is the only way. The role the police system has played is huge in Nigeria’s drop.


Nigeria has entered the second recession phase in five years, with unemployment and inflation rising, the security system is expected to deteriorate and corruption will reach another peak.

Hibya Haber Ajansı