Indian Farmers Protest New Laws

The Indian farmers protests against the 3 new farm laws have reached a new level of protest with road blocking in Delhi. The 10 weeks protest demands the repeal of the new farm laws.

The farmers have used tractors and boulders to block roads. 50 000 security personnel have been deployed to keep the protesters under control. The new laws that the farmers are protesting are called: The farmers’ produce trade and commerce act, The farmers agreement of price assurance and farm service act and The essential commodities act.


The United Nations tweeted “#india: We call on the authorities and protesters to exercise maximum restraint in ongoing #FarmersProtest. The rights to peaceful assembly and expression should be protected both online and offline. It’s crucial to find equitable solutions with due respect to #HumanRights for all.


Most protesting farmers are from neighboring states Punjab, Haryana but farm leaders say they have support from rural communities nationwide.

Hibya Haber Ajansı