The case of UN Security Council and Cyprus

The UN Security Council has extended the mandate on peacekeeping which will take form on the 29th of January 2021, although Cyprus has some concerns regarding the resolutions.

The presence of UN Peacekeeping Force of Cyprus did not seek consent to be on the island, which is against UN’s own rules. The matter will be bought to the attention of the international community. Furthermore, the UN Secretary General Guterres did not refer to any settlement model but rather the mutually acceptable settlement on his Good Office Mission report dated 8 January 2021. Bi-communal federation ‘s pre-judgement of settlements and inability to provide a settlement for 50 years is unacceptable.


There will be 5+ informal UN meetings in the near future aiming to determine common grounds towards settlement, the meeting will reveal the UN’s vision for future. It will be useful for UN Security Council to lay grounds that address new ideas for settlement instead of impose side tested and exhausted process that did not produce settlement.

Hibya Haber Ajansı